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Remote Learning during the pandemic failed, so why is virtual tutoring still a thing?

Do you remember that time in history when the United States shut down the school system and began operating the school through remote or virtual instruction? Instead of going into class every day, students were expected to learn through Zoom or Google Meets sessions facilitated by their teachers or their professors. Do you remember? I mean, it’s tough to forget, seeing that we are two years into this pandemic and while it’s been months since students were reintroduced into the classroom, the learning deficits are still incredibly apparent.

The beginning of the school year usually presents teachers with various concerns because of the uncertainty of what students remember from the prior year. However, Fall of 2021, teachers were hit with this uncertainty to a more significant extreme.

One of the main issues that this pandemic brought to light was the inequities it presented to many lower-income and Black and Latinx households, substantially due to a lack of access to technology or reliable internet services. On top of these inequities, many teachers were thrown into this remote setting with no substantial prior training. This inevitably created a learning environment that could have easily been chaotic and non-engaging. Matt Kraftt, Brown University Professor, mentioned, “The challenge and the scale of what we were asking a system that employs almost 4 million teachers to do on short notice with limited infrastructure were herculean.” Therefore recognizing that a lot was expected from teachers, who had to pivot their positions immediately to fit the need, yet still had to find ways to ensure that students were learning effectively and creating new pathways to foster engagement.

A survey conducted by Brown found that one of the struggles that both teachers and parents had was that they lacked the strategies to keep kids engaged in the learning. The environment that we are in largely dictates what our natural body systems expect us to do. When children are accustomed to being at home and engaging in their own free time from work but now are expected to attend school in this same setting, we must understand that the habitual adjustment must have been difficult.

Based on this evidence, one can deduce that several impediments interfered with students’ equitability, efficacy, and stability. Therefore remote learning was never given a fair advantage because there are so many great benefits it can afford students. We have seen it very clearly with our business. You’ve Got This Tutoring that proper facilitation of remote learning can uplift confidence and academic ability in children.

Our one-to-one tutoring program has shown us that a tutor invested in students’ goals and achievements, in conjunction with proper assessments, and a personalized curriculum creates an incredibly fruitful environment for students to excel beyond the classroom. Our students have gone from making D’s in Math and English to skyrocketing to a B+ through learning remotely. Our students have been doubters and unbelievers in their abilities to achieve challenges to conquer the several goals they set with their tutors. There is a method to our madness that ensures every student’s success. Unlike the traditional classroom setting, our students receive a personalized learning experience. However, our success stems from our work on building our student’s confidence levels. We have noticed that building our student’s self-esteem has constructed an overall upgrade in their ability on what they believe that they can do.

All in all, remote learning may not have been effective in a whole classroom setting during the pandemic, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is ineffective overall. As presented above, several factors interfere with a student’s mental health, lack of motivation, or academic performance. Remote learning can be highly effective in leveling up students’ confidence and intellectual ability. The only necessary thing is well-trained staff, engagement tools for students, and a methodology tried and true that ensures each student’s success.

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