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Unsure of which package works best for your family?

At YGT we have been providing 8-week and 10-week tutoring sessions for our clients for the past year and a half. We have now transitioned to 3-month and 10-month packaging.

Continue reading to see what each package entails to make the decision-making process a bit easier for you and yours.

3 Month Personalized Tutoring Program

Our 3-month Personalized Tutoring Program allows for a shorter tutoring contract commitment and is best for families that believe their child needs help with a specific problem. For example Preparation for a test, or just some extra help on the side to get their children back on track. We suggest this package to anyone that doesn’t want to make the 10-month full-year commitment, yet still wants their child to level up in a specific area in a short amount of time.

10-Month Personalized Tutoring Program

Our 10-month Personalized Tutoring Program is perfect for those parents who value consistency and assurance throughout the school year that their child remains personally and academically confident. This program is perfect for your family if you desire your child to have a consistent schedule & tutor throughout the school year, no disruptions to the tutoring schedule (despite holidays), and quarterly progress monitoring.

3- Month Package vs. 10-Month Package

We hope that made things clear!

If you have any questions or would be interested in signing your child up for either our 3- month or 10-month tutoring package, book a free consultation with us, by using the link below!

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