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When Challenges Arise, Our Natural Reaction is to Hide

Let’s be honest, when us adults are faced with a certain level of adversity, it’s extremely simple to try to run away from the problem instead of confronting it head on. This is not to say that we do not want to handle this issue, however, we may be going through a lot mentally that may halt us from actually taking care of the perceived problem with ease. We may be stressed out with the several responsibilities that we have in our every day lives, we may have been triggered by someone or something, or we simply may just be having a day and can not think straight. However, how come many of us can not see that children struggle with these similar mental challenges, that may impede on their academic performance? Sometimes it may not be the work that is challenging for our children, it really may just be the managing of the course load along with their everyday life that is impeding on their success.

Quick Story:

I have a student that has received a promotion in doubt letter and despite what other teachers may think about her attitude, I’ve always seen great things from her. Therefore, I am constantly encouraging her despite what others may think about her attitude.

To make a long story short:

This student told me that her mental health was not well and that she hasn’t been the same since quarantine. She stated that she went through some relationship problems and has been having difficulty with regaining herself back and acclimating back into school.

In that moment I recognized that many times we make everything transactional with children without trying to understand or ask the right questions to know for sure what they are experiencing.

I recognized with my student that mentally she could not finish her work because she was extremely stuck in her emotions, overthinking and overwhelmed with coursework that she just couldn’t keep up.

Children do make excuses let’s be real, but they are also human. Because I was able to identify with my 13 year old student in her human experience, I was able to be a support instead of just another teacher that doesn’t try to understand or even identify the things that she may be really going through that is contributing to her performance.

I’ve learned last year, especially reinforced by my phenomenal coach and client Natalie Taylor, that your mindset is the building blocks to everything.

This is why at You’ve Got this Tutoring, we ensure that we are building those foundational relationship skills, forming a support community with students and parents with a mentor/ tutor and are also working on academic enrichment. Everything is connected.

We strive to empower children to be well equipped, well rounded, and emotionally intelligent human beings.

Hop on a strategy call with us today so we can lat out a plan of action for your child’s ultimate success.


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